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Color fastness of printing ribbon

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In order to meet the needs of the market more flexibly, many users will need to customize the printing ribbon, and the printing effect of our ribbon manufacturers will also be achieved by strictly controlling the color fastness of the ribbon printing products. It can be seen that the color fastness of ribbon of the important indicators for ribbon quality.

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What is the color fastness of ribbon printing? As the name suggests, color fastness is the degree of firmness of dyeing, that is, the degree of dye adherence and color change of printed ribbons under the influence of external physical or chemical factors. Under normal circumstances, we use the degree of staining of the white cloth of the printed ribbon after the test as the basis for assessing the color fastness grade.


According to the different factors, several common color fastness items have been formed in the industry. Commonly used are cribbon printingolor fastness to washing, color fastness to light, color fastness to scrubbing, color fastness to weather, and color fastness to friction. Degree, color fastness to sweat, color fastness to water immersion, etc.

The above color fastness items generally have a relatively uniform grade division. Because no matter what kind of color fastness item, the visual inspection is used to compare the standard sample and sample of the gray sample card to determine the original discoloration of the sample and the staining level of the white cloth. It can be divided into five levels and nine levels, of which five levels, namely 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 5 are the best, and 1 is the worst. And every two levels are supplemented by a half level, namely 45, 34, 23, and 12, which are divided into nine levels. If the color fastness of a ribbon product does not reach the level specified in the standard, then the ribbon product is unqualified.

The importance of color fastness of ribbon printed products is self-evident, so many users pay special attention to the color fastness of the product, and we need to judge the quality of ribbon printing by checking the color fastness of the product.

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