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Burlap Ribbon


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Burlap ribbon, as the name suggests, is a ribbon made of hemp and weft.

According to the types of burlap, our more common burlap ribbon are jute burlap ribbon, linen ribbon, and polyester burlap ribbon. There are also fine grades of hemp materials.




Burlap ribbon is commonly used in packaging and decoration. It is mostly a handicraft decoration material, now more burlap ribbon used for Christmas,like Christmas tree decoration and Christmas wreath decoration.




Now the popular size of burlap ribbon is 2-1/2 inch.Of course,we also can make other size from 10mm-100mm.


With the development of people's aesthetics, natural burlap ribbon can no longer meet the needs of the market, and now more and more printed burlap ribbon popular in market.Like plaid burlap ribbon,Deer burlap ribbon,snowflake burlap ribbon...




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2019-12-13 17:27