What is the difference between heat transfer, silk print and jacquard ribbon

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With the development of the market, the color content of the ribbon is very rich.It's not a single color anymore.This is where technology comes in.What is the difference between a heat transfer, a silk print and a jacquard ribbon ?

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Heat transfer ribbon: a process for weaving printing.

The main method is: use the printer to print the picture that needs to be done on the transfer paper, and then press the pressing pressing machine pressed on the ribbon to achieve the color!The advantage of such process is that the layout is convenient, the drawing effect is good, no pollution, the color fastness is high, the defect is the cost, and the production!At present, the printing of silk is less and less, the heat transfer ribbon will be the trend.

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Silk ribbon

Silk ribbon, is a kind of method, we used traditional printed with nylon lace or polyester satin ribbon, back half, and so on between ribbon products after dyeing OK to a printing machine, according to user needs with text printing machine to print a different pattern of craft skills, but this technology takes time and printing screen printing bad situation would appear, therefore this method of printing ribbon gradually fade out the market.

Jacquard ribbon

Jacquard ribbon and thermal transfer ribbon, printing ribbon is the main different places the first: the ribbon machine, jacquard ribbon is made up of technical personnel will need to first what pattern ribbon ribbon products, made of paper pattern, and then use mechanisms jacquard ribbon, jacquard ribbon in general are much thicker than the ordinary ribbon products;Because of the production process trouble, the market should not be large, and now it is only used in some special clothing decoration.

Through the above introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of "the heat transfer, silk print and jacquard ribbon".If you want to continue to check the product of the heat transfer printing ribbon and silk screen weaving, please click here to enter > > >

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