Ribbon dyeing process

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The material classification

 1. Polyester

 Polyester fiber characteristics (density) -- thermosol dyeing, high temperature high pressure dyeing method, chooses the dye, disperse dye, temperature - around 190 degrees Celsius (thermosol dyeing) method (high temperature high pressure dyeing) around 130 degrees Celsius.


2. Nylon (protein products)

 Nylon fiber characteristics (reactive functional groups) - steam - steaming process - selected dyes - (weak) acid dyes - temperature - about 100 degrees Celsius.


3. Cotton products (cellulose fiber)


Dyeing process


1. Dacron fibre


Into the belt - water - before drying, coloring trough, preliminary drying (infrared), high temperature baking, after washing cleaning (reduction), after drying, belt.


The effect of infrared prebake: the dye molecules are initially attached to the fiber, preventing the appearance of color flowers and other problems.


The effect of high temperature baking: make the dye molecules fully enter into the fiber and finish the dyeing process.


The function of reducing cleaning: to decompose the extra dye molecules to ensure the color fastness of the product.


2. Nylon fibre


In the belt -- the upper color slot -- the hot steam is steaming -- then the water is washed -- then dried -- falling


The effect of evaporation: to make the acidic dye molecules react with the corresponding functional groups in the fiber to complete the process of dyeing the fibers in the acid dyes.


Washing effect: remove the dye molecules that do not react completely, guarantee the color fastness of ribbon, ribbon and other products.


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