How to make ribbon flowers

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How to make ribbon flowers

How to make ribbon flowers?  A simple DIY Ribbon Flowers tutorial.
And many more ways to make Ribbon flowers and Fabric flowers.
The flowers I am going to share today are very dear to my heart.  I learnt to (make ribbon flowers) sew these flowers using ribbon.  
Let me share an image of the ribbon flowers decorated on the basket:
wholesale ribbon

Ribbon Flowers

These flowers require a steady hand.  And the more you practice the better you get.
wholesale ribbon
To sew

Ribbon Flower Rose:

You will need:
Ribbon (I used 1″ wide ribbon)
Thread and needle (for sewing)
Make It:
  • Start by rolling the ribbon in the form of a bud (as you can see at the center).

  • And use thread and needle to sew as you go, for a secure and perfect flower.

  • Once you have a supportive bud, big enough to hold in your fingers; start folding the ribbon.

  • Fold the ribbon and continue sewing each petal as you go below the other.

  • Each fold will give you an individual petal.

  • wholesale ribbon

 Next I just used thread to secure each flower on the basket.
To match the gold and silver theme of the event and glued ribbon to the bottom of the basket.
I also added a beads wired garland around the basket.
wholesale ribbon
wholesale ribbon
A few more flowers you can make using ribbon:

Make ribbon flowers

ribbon rose
Folded Ribbon Rose 
Fold the ribbon’s both ends as shown in the picture and pull the longer end.
fabric flowers
Cute grosgrain ribbon flowers 
Glue loops of ribbon on each other and use beads to make the center.
Rolling Ribbon Flower 
Roll your ribbon on a piece of wire.  Now roll the wire to make flower.
ribbon rose

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